George_Kats_HeadshotBased in Australia, George Kats helps entrepreneurs and creatives eliminate self-doubt, see their greatness and own their message on every platform.







“Once I started selling, once I started being clear about what I was selling and speaking to people about it and putting it out there, it just started to happen”

“When I started making it about people, about what people would want rather than what I would want, it became a lot easier”

“The success of my business solely relies on one thing: it’s the fact that I spend a lot of time meeting people and then keeping connections with them”

“Some of the success I have now is definitely because of that trial and error and making those adjustments as I go”

“Originally the way I was selling was on a time basis and that was a terrible approach because it turned what I did into a commodity”

“When you can show your potential clients that you know the problem better than they do, that will really build trust and confidence in your ability to help them”




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