Dr_Rob_GarciaAfter failing out of high school and two colleges, Rob Garcia had hit a low point by age 19. Unemployed and sleeping on the floor, he had lost his direction in life. After an enlistment in the Air Force, Rob learned discipline, meticulous planning and how to set goals for himself. Rob is now the CEO of SHIFT Advanced Life Design Magazine and he has been featured on TV and radio, as well as becoming a noted speaker. He is a frequent guest on business and entrepreneurial podcasts and is the author of The Next Level Supercharged, a must-read for anyone wanting to learn nearly any job or skill at an advanced level.


“As creatives, our minds go in about a hundred different directions and a lot of people do not niche down to what it is they are better at than anybody.”

“Ask yourself, am I more worried about my fear or am I more worried about being profitable and making my impact on the world?”

“What is different from coaching than a regular service-based provider is that a service-based provider comes in, you hire them, they do something for you and then they leave. With a coach there has to be transformation.”




Dr. Rob’s Book, The Limitless Entrepreneur


The Perfect Day Formula by Craig Ballantyne



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