I recently went to visit my father, who lives about an hour and a half away from me, and I drove the scenic route there.

Screw the highway driving with mostly nothing but trees – I took the back way that went along the Bay of Fundy and through Fundy National Park.

Near Fundy, there’s a small town that I often go to in the summers.

In the warmer months, the place is a hive of activity with people walking along the main street and there’s lots going on (it’s a beautiful spot on the water).

But in November, it’s dead – there isn’t much that’s open there. The town is pretty much closed for business.

So what does this small town have to do with coaching businesses?

An awful lot of coaches are like our quiet tourist town this time of year: they’re shut down and don’t have much going on.

There’s just one reason why coaching businesses go quiet this time of year (or any other time of year, for that matter):

They don’t have enough leads coming in!

Leads are the life blood of your coaching business.

They are your oxygen, and without them you’ll be rolling around on the ground grasping for air …

The good news is my friend Karl Bryan and I are doing a training on Tuesday that’ll show you how you can get more coaching leads into your business.

Karl’s a master at this, and he always delivers a ton when he does his trainings. Here’s the link to register:


See you there!


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