I’ve been noticing a trend in the online world lately:

Coaches and online entrepreneurs trying to hide the fact that they’re in business.

You hear things like:

“It’s 100% free, I promise!”

“Put your wallet away, I’m not selling anything on this webinar!”

“I’m doing this out of the goodness of my heart – I just want to help, pinky swear!”


In the first episode of my new solo podcast, The Marc Mawhinney Show, I was very upfront that one of the reasons that I launched the solo show was to grow my email list.

If that’s a surprising admission, it’s only because so few people online actually admit they’re doing things to sell and grow their businesses.

Isn’t that the purpose of being in business? To make money?

If you don’t make a profit, you can’t help anyone.

The local meat shop, barber, grocery store and other places admit that they’re in business. I don’t get offended when I go into the grocery store and find myself at the checkout line with food, that’s why I went there in the first place.

Spoiler alert: I’m in business.

I’ll proudly scream that from the rooftops …

You should too.

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