A few years back, I was out of town at a popular sports bar that’s known for having great wings.

When we got our menus, there must have been hundreds of choices for wing sauce. The menu was thicker than The Bible!

My friends took a long time combing through the pages and pages of choices, trying to decide on the best wings to go with. After going through about 50 options, I gave up and went with one of the usual boring choices (medium, I think).

It took about an hour to order our food that day.

Not to knock this wing place, since they seem to be doing something right (the place was packed), but having too many offerings doesn’t work well in the coaching world.

This week I had the chance to evaluate a number of coaches’ offerings, and the common theme was they were all over the place and offering too many choices.

In some cases, they couldn’t even remember what they were offering, or how much they were charging for their programs.

If you need a spreadsheet to track 30 different offerings, you’re doing it wrong.

The marketplace is noisy and confusing as is, if you throw too many options at your prospects their eyes will glaze over and you’ve lost them.

My coaching packages are the equivalent of a wing bar with just mild, medium and hot choices. To work directly with me, I have my 1:1 and group programs. For those who want DIY, I have my online programs and my print newsletter.

The advantage to this is it keeps things simple. I can focus my fire on an easy-to-understand offering and not sow seeds of confusion when presenting it.

And if you woke me out of a slumber at 3 am, I’d be able to tell you my offerings and fees with no issues (although I would be confused why you were in my house at 3 am)

Have a good close look at your offerings and see if you need to simplify them.

Simple sells …

Secret Coach Club is one of my main offers that I’m really excited about.

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