A few days back I emailed about technology, and talked about how a lot of online entrepreneurs are fearful of it.

I get it since it can all be a little overwhelming …

I laughed when someone recently messaged me this:

“I’m super tech-challenged and you’d think I was an 85 year old grandma as opposed to a 32 year old woman!”

One of those tech things that scare people are Facebook Messenger bots.

You’re hearing a lot about them now, since they’re a great way to get more clients and customers.

But to set one up and run it can be a little tricky.

I waded into the bot waters and was originally going to try to learn enough to set up my own, but I decided to hire an expert to do it for me.

Samir Ranpara is the whiz who’s handling my new bot, and since he knows all about them I asked him to do a training to teach others how they can use bots to get more business.

The training is called 5 Steps to Doubling Qualified Leads with Facebook Messenger Bots, and it’s happening next Tuesday, January 23rd at 1 pm EST.

Here’s the link to register (a replay will be sent to those who register but can’t make it):



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