Last weekend I took my son to his Jujitsu class, and the instructor gave the kids a lesson about complaining.

One of them was complaining about something (being thirsty, if I recall) and the instructor stopped the class to lecture them.

He told them that anything they have to do in life is easier if they just do it and don’t slump their shoulders and whine about it …

He followed that up by promising that he would force extra push-ups on them if he heard anyone else doing it.

In 2018, a lot of parents coddle their kids and would be outraged that an instructor would tell their kids not to complain (how dare he!), but I’m glad he taught them that lesson.

We see plenty of complaining in the coaching world too:

– “There’s too much competition!”
– “It’s too much work to create content regularly”
– “The tech stuff is too hard to figure out …”
– “People are cheap, nobody wants to pay for coaching!”

After interviewing hundreds of successful coaches over the years for my podcast, and talking to/working with many more than that I can promise you that very few of them could be classified as “complainers”.

They view issues as challenges to overcome, and they don’t focus on the negative. They get a high overcoming the things that would force others to give up.

I don’t let complainers into my world, especially as clients. If I let one into my group program, that person could poison the attitudes of the others who are in there and kill their motivation.

If you’re a non-complaining coach who’s ready to work with more clients, you should check this out (the next group starts the week of February 5th):


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