A few years back, I had a great guest on my show named Dennis Brown.

Dennis is an expert at LinkedIn, and the interview was well-received because of the great business advice he gave during our time on-air.

So I was excited to hear from Dennis recently that he’s launching his own podcast, and am honoured to be one of the first guests on his show (the podcast is now live, and my interview goes live this Thursday).

I’m giving a shout-out for Dennis because I know the show will help entrepreneurs, but also because he’s sweetening the pot and giving away $5,000 in prizes to some of the first people to listen to the show. These include:

– A chance to be a guest on the show
– Software like Leadquizzes, Ladder.io, PushLynk (Value $2,000+)
– Apparel from Disruptive Apparel, Our Realiteez, Artdogdesign (Value $400+)

To check out the interviews and learn how to qualify for the prizes, head over to:


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