I have a very important rule when it comes to my coaching business:

I don’t work with pain-in-the-butt clients.

(I have a “No A-hole/No b____” policy)

Life’s too short to work with difficult people, and since I started enforcing it a few years back, business has been a lot more fun.

I see too many coaches working with people who jerk them around, don’t respect them, and make their stomachs turn at the thought of their next session together.

I’m grateful to not have to put up with this stuff, and the reason why is I have a steady stream of leads to work with.

So if someone is being difficult, I can boot them to the curb and be confident that I have other people who want my help.

When you don’t have a steady flow of leads, you’ll be forced to compromise and work with difficult clients (and become miserable in the process).

If you’re a business coach who wants to get more leads, my friend Karl Bryan is doing a live training on Tuesday that will show you how to do it (he’s the master at this!).

You’ll leave with actionable advice that you can use to get more leads into your pipeline quickly.

Here’s the link to register for the training:


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