While I was being interviewed on a podcast earlier this week, the host asked me how I keep my finger on the pulse of the coaching industry.

There are lots of ways: my podcasts, my Facebook group, talking with email subscribers and reading as many blogs and books about coaching as I can …

But a very important way that I keep tabs on the coaching world is by working directly with clients (either 1:1 or in my groups).

A lot of coaches are in a rush to be 100% hands-off. They want to create the membership communities and other platforms that let them bring in revenue while they sleep, without ever having to talk to a living soul.

There’s a quote that sums up my opinion on making money while you sleep:

“Before you can make money while you sleep, you have to be able to make it while you’re awake!”

When you work with clients directly, you not only make more money but you gain valuable experience with those clients that will improve any online programs and books that you release in the future.

Often during one of my coaching sessions, a client will say something that gives me a real “ah-ha”. I race to jot it down, to reflect on it later or share it with others to help them.

That wouldn’t happen if I was only doing the hands-off kind of stuff.

Regardless of what I do with my business in the future, I’ll always work with some clients directly to keep my “finger on the pulse”.

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