Yesterday I went to see the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi (don’t worry, this email contains no spoilers).

First off, it’s a great film. I’m a big Star Wars fan, and I put it at the top of my list as the best SW movie ever. That’s saying a lot …

The movie actually contains a powerful lesson for coaches:

Your business has to evolve, or it’ll die.

There have now been nine Stars Wars movies spread out over the last 40 years, and the franchise shows no signs of slowing down.

Part of the reason that the newest movie and trilogy has been so well-received is they’re introducing interesting new characters and mixing things up by doing things that we don’t expect (I can’t say much more on that without entering spoiler territory).

I’m a fan of the old tv show Dallas. As a kid growing up in the 80’s, my parents used to let my brother and I stay up late to watch it on Friday nights. But as the series progressed through 14 seasons and 357 episodes, the quality noticeably dropped. Storylines were recycled, and what was once a ratings monster struggled until it was put out of its misery when it was cancelled in 1991.

Star Wars has evolved, Dallas died not. Star Wars is continuing to make billions of dollars in ticket sales and merchandise, Dallas attempted a revival in 2012 that lasted just three seasons with lukewarm ratings before it was cancelled.

(Star Wars has never had “luke”warm ratings – sorry, couldn’t resist)

Coaches also have to make changes needed to move their businesses forward and stay relevant. If your business looks the exact same today as it did five years ago, something is wrong.

I’m not suggesting that you change your niche every week, or bounce all over the place. But you can use your talents to fill different needs in the marketplace.

With my business, I’m a coach. But I have some products that help podcasters since I’ve done close to 1000 podcast interviews on both sides of the mic over the years. I also have an online program to help people with Facebook groups, since I’ve grown a group to almost 10,000 members and have learned a lot from that experience.

As the new year approaches, I have some ideas on new things that I can put out there that will help people. I’m always evolving my business.

One way for you to evolve your business is to add group coaching programs to your offerings.

You can help a lot more people, and make a lot more money, with them.

The January Secret Coach Club issue will show you exactly how to set up and fill your group program.

No guesswork, no wasting time trying to figure it all out. You can literally have your group program out to the world the same day that you finish reading the newsletter.

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