Earlier this week someone asked me how I’m able to put so much content out on social media and not be distracted by the responses.

She was referring to Facebook, which acts like a black hole that sucks coaches into its grasp, but her question can apply to any of the social media platforms.

My answer: “I do drive-by postings”

Drive-by postings are when you post something on Facebook (or your social media platform of choice) and then get the heck away from it.

That’s right – I’ll post something and then I’ll close the window and do other work that I have to get done.

Sorry if it’s depressing to talk about drive-bys this close to Christmas, but it’s how I do it.

I’m not saying that I’m perfect with this stuff.

Someone once told me that I should only check Facebook a few times a day – in the morning, quickly at noon, and then at supper before shutting down for the night.

I haven’t reached that mastery yet, but I have gotten good at posting and then leaving for a few hours to check later.

You can be more active on social media (when it comes to posting) without being a slave to it.

I’ve achieved this, and I help my clients do it too.

Self-promotion on social media is something I cover in the next issue of the Secret Coach Club newsletter.

The whole issue is devoted to building a successful group coaching program, and I show how you can do it without falling into that black hole.

The issue goes to print soon, and you can get yours here:



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