I like people, but I can’t stand meaningless conversations with no clear intentions.

Every day I get a bunch of messages from people (usually on Facebook) with a simple “Hey”, or “How’s it going Marc?” and nothing else.

Or I get the dreaded “So what do you do? I’d love to connect and hear more” (which is usually a disguised sales pitch or a way to ask for a favour from me).

I’m not saying that they’re all bad people, some genuinely want to build relationships and I can appreciate those who want to grow their businesses.

But I do think it’s bad business to send off vague conversation-starters like I mentioned above.

Busy people don’t have time to get sucked into a black hole of chit chat in Facebook Messenger. And those who aren’t busy yet shouldn’t be wasting their time beating around the bush either.

The better approach is to be upfront when you reach out to others, and just say what you want.

You have just a precious few seconds to make an impression, so you can’t waste it on vague fluff and pleasantries.

I say cut the BS, put it out there and let the chips fall where they may. Not everyone will respond, but those who do will appreciate your clarity and respect for their time.

And you’ll find yourself in some good win/win relationships from those crystal-clear conversations.

On that note, I won’t beat around the bush:

If you’re a coach who’d like to get more clients, I’ve opened up some time in my calendar to see if we’re a fit to work together.

We’ll connect for 30 minutes, talk about your business and if I think it’s a good fit I’ll invite you to work with me. If I don’t think it’s a good fit, I’ll still make sure you leave the call better off than you were before it.

You can book a time with me here:



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