A coach posted something in The Coaching Jungle yesterday that I think a lot of coaches struggle with.

She said that whenever she has someone drop her on Facebook, she’s curious and really wants to know why.

She’s not alone. I know someone who installed an app that tells him whenever someone unfriends him, and he immediately messages them to ask why they did it.

I’ve known others who send a message to every email unsubscriber to ask the same thing.

Here’s the advice that I gave to the original questioner in the FB group:

“It’s best not to worry about who leaves and why or it’ll drive you nuts! It can get into your head and affect your output. Out of sight, out of mind. Look at it this way: by them leaving, they’ve freed up a spot for someone who resonates better with you …”

Going forward, I added:

“People leave for all sorts of reasons: Cleaning out their FB connections or email inbox, in a bad mood, pissed off that you’re chasing your dreams, dog died, wife left, raining outside, etc. I still think it’s better to not get bogged down in that negativity or worry about why … successful people are too busy to worry about that”

Humans are naturally curious, and we also want others to like us. That’s a dangerous combination – if you start flooding your mind with a bunch of negativity, it’s going to throw you off course.

Just my two cents …

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