A lot of life coaches are struggling.

Don’t get me wrong, I know some who are doing very well and have interviewed them on my podcast – but the majority of life coaches are having a tough time getting traction with their businesses.

Although success is possible in any coaching niche, if you’re a business coach it’s a lot easier to get clients on board.

The reason why is prospects often make decisions based on their wallets. It’s easier to show the ROI on business-related coaching since it has a dollar figured attached to it instead of trying to appeal to a more vague or fuzzy notion like helping the client be “happier” or giving them “peace of mind”.

If I were a struggling life coach, I would transition over to something with a business-focus since I could still apply my life coaching skills during the time I work with the client. The business coaching would get my foot in the door, but business owners still need the skills that life coaches possess.

This approach only works if you enjoy business stuff. If you aren’t a fan of business coaching, or can’t stand working with business owners, best not to make this transition.

All I’m saying is if you don’t get hired, you’ll never get to use your coaching skills. Business coaching can get you hired, and then you can compliment that with your complete package of coaching skills.

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