We’re getting blasted by another lovely snowstorm here in Atlantic Canada, so before I head out to shovel the steps I wanted to tell you about something cool that I’m taking part in.

I was recently interviewed by Ben Allen about my experience creating an online community, coaching, and building an online business as part of a Mastermind for aspiring and established authors who want to create a movement with their message.

In the interview, I discussed:

– How I got started building my successful online coaching community
– How I used consistent podcasting to grow my following and brand
– How to create a clear intention for your online community and create value for your members
– Using feedback from your audience to create valuable, engaging content
– The best way to grow your content-creating muscles
– Why people-pleasing is so dangerous, and how to relate to your audience in a far more powerful way
– How to stop playing safe in the “mushy middle” and polarize your message to create more impact
– Strategies to stand out from the crowd to grow your confidence and share your voice

If you want some insider knowledge like this on how to write your first book (or your next book), or how to reach audiences with your message (and grow a movement), here’s the link to register for the summit and to check out the interview:


It’s happening from February 19th to March 2nd, it’s free, and he has some cool people taking part in it.

Hope you can make it …

(Back to shovelling the white stuff)


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